Ph. D. (Ongoing)

  • Sadhana Tiwari (Dynamic data management in Lifestyle diseases using CPS)
  • Amit Kumar (Mining Software Repositories)
  • Ashutosh Kumar (Handling catastrophic forgetting using cross domain order in incremental deep learning)
  • Shashi Shekhar Kumar (Complex Event Processing for Cyber Physical Systems)
  • Ritesh Chandra (Ontology-based Data Mining Approach for healthcare)
  • Amit Kumar Singh (AI Aided Rapid Mission Design In Dynamic Environments)
  • Pramod Prakash (Anomaly Detection in Spacecraft for Spacecraft mission Operation Management)
  • Amit Kumar Singh (AI Aided Rapid Mission Design In Dynamic Environments)

Ph. D. (Awarded)

  • Narinder Singh Punn (Bio medical image segmentation using Deep Learning)  (Awarded-2022)
  • Sanjay Sonbhadra (Dimensionality reduction of distributed data for target specific mining)   (Awarded-2021)(Joint Supervision with Prof. P. Nagabhushan)
  • Bakshi Rohit Prasad (Machine Learning for Big Data Analytics) (Awarded-2021)
  • Divya (Twin Support Vector Machine-Multi Class extension and applications) (Awarded-2017)
  • Sayantan Nath (Fire Protection in Coal Mine through Image Processing) (Awarded-2017) Co-Supervisor Prof. G. N. Pandey.

M. Tech. Students (Ongoing-2021)

  • Gaurav Rajput (Hate Speech Detection Using Deep Learning)
  • N Nikhil Chakravarthy (Music Generation using Deep Learning)
  • Shivam Kasat (Identification of Hematological Alteration and Adverse Respiratory Health Among Agriculture Workers Using machine Learning Classification Model)
  • Sachin Gupta (Image Classification Using Capsule Network)
  • Mukul Madaan (One Class Classification using Twin Support Vector Machine)
  • Himanshu Batra (Sentiment Analysis For Software Engineering Research)
  • Nalla Praveen (Blood Cell Subtype Detection using Deep Learning)
  • Harish Rajora (Centralized Medical System)

M. Tech. Students (2020)

  • Mohit Rajesh Dandekar (Fruit classification using features from the convolutional layers)
  • Uppala Sumanth (Synthesis Of Transfer Learning With End To End Learning For Autonomous Cars)
  • Vishal Verna (Anomaly/ Novelty detection using one class classification)
  • Kharibam Priyojit Singh (Anomaly detection for streaming data using autoencoder)
  • Anand Bihari Gupta (Real-Time Occupancy Detection Processing and Analytics For Smart Building)
  • Ujala Singh (Who Will Discuss On Stack Overflow : A Link Prediction Approach With Weighted Temporal Vectors Model In Multi-Dimensional Stack Overflow Network)
  • Swapnesh Narayan Azad (Do Open Source Software Ecosystem behave like Natural Ecosystem: An Investigative Study)
  • Hariom Niranjan (Use Heterogeneous Information Networks to Rank developers in Open Source Software Ecosystem)

M. Tech. Students (2019)

  • Anirban Sarkar An Application of Ensemble Models and Deep Learning in Predictive Analytics
  • Prachi Agarwal Gesture Recognition by learning local motion signatures using smartphones
  • Umesh Singh Implementation of Iterative Routing-By-Agreement Capsule Network in Large Feature Space
  • Akash Verma Anomaly Detection System for Video Surveillance using Deep Multiple Instance Learning with Weakly Labelled Data
  • Shubham Swarnkar Aggressive Driving Behaviour classification using Smartphone’s Accelerometer Sensor
  • Rajat Sahu Person Tracking with Non-overlapping Multiple Cameras
  • Vishesh Middha Concept Drift Detection In Email Dataset Through Intention-Based Segmentation
  • Syam Prasad Dhannuri Privacy Control in Online Social Networks by Trust Aware Link Prediction and By Detecting Fake profiles
  • Ajay Kumar Pilaniya Integrating WordNet and STS (Semantic Textual Similarity) with Document Object Model (DOM) to detect plagiarism in online articles

M. Tech. Students (2018)

  • Devendra Kaushik (Classifying Streaming data in distributed environment)
  • Shamshe Alam (Distributed One-Class Support Vector Machine)
  • Akash Jain (Predicting customer behaviour through clickstream analysis)
  • Rahul Swami (Stream Data Analytics for Smart homes)
  • Dhwaj Verma (Cardiac Arrhythmia Detection from single lead ECG using CNN and LSTM)
  • Rakesh Das (Vehicle detection and counting using deep neural network)
  • Ishu Matil (Affective Computing: Emotion classification of Physiological (EEG) signals)
  • Sonali Agrawal (Real Time visualization and Analysis of Big Data)

M. Tech. students (2017)

  • Anant Prabhat(Implementing Testing approaches for Complex Event Processing (CFP))
  • Dibya jyoti Mahuri(Cloud based mutation testing for distributed system)
  • Dhirendra Siddhartha (Root Cause Analysis of Software failure using Log Mining)

M. Tech. Students (2016)

  • Neha Garg (Process Mining for Clinical Workflow)
  • Suchi Maheshwari (Two-stage software defect prediction using three-way decisions)
  • Ravindra Soni (Exploring web application testing techniques)
  • Rakesh Kumar Pal (Test Case Minimization using Genetic Algorithm)
  • Unmesh Kishore Bendale (Distributed feature selection for big data)

M. Tech. Students (2015)

  • Shwet Ketu (A MapReduce Based Advanced Distributed K-means Clustering for Handling Big Data)
  • Geetanjali Chaurasia (Clustering based Novel Test Case Prioritization Approach for Regression Testing)
  • Anushree Priyadarshini (A MapReduce based Support Vector Machine for Big Data Classification)
  • Anubha Sharma (A Comparative model of classifier for Authorship Characterization)
  • Harshal Singh (Link Prediction for Co-Authorship in Heterogeneous Network using Stream Classification)
  • Preetam Jayaswal (Churn prediction using Tree ensembles)

M. Tech. Students (2014)

  • Manoj Kumar (A Clinical Decision Support System for Heart Disease- A Hybrid Approach Using Fuzzy Method and Neural Network)
  • Manish Shukla (Hybrid Approach for Tuberculosis Data Classification Using Optimal Centroid Selection Based Clustering)
  • Pradeep Saini (Using Clustering coherent rule generation for healthcare data)
  • Jitendra (Effective detection of Parkinson’s disease using fuzzy k-nearest neighbor approach)
  • Anvita Srivastava (Privacy Preserving Data Mining In Electronic Health Record Using K- Anonymity)

M. Tech Students (2013)

  • Shubham Khanna (Study the application of data mining through establishing the pattern of Diabetes disease using SGPGI data)
  • Akhilesh Yadav (Study the application of data mining through establishing the pattern of Lung cancer disease using SGPGI data)
  • Vijesh Patel (Study the application of data mining through establishing the pattern of Heart Disease using SGPGI data)
  • Neha Rathore (Study the application of data mining by establishing the pattern of Breast Cancer Disease and survivability prediction).

M. Tech Students (2012)

  • Vishal Mandpe (Mining Software Repositories for Dynamic Fault Prediction)
  • Abhinav Lokhande (Mining Software Repositories for Software Change Classification)

M. Tech Students (2011)

  • Divya (Support Vector Classification and Regression for Health Data Mining)
  • Ruchi Arya (A fuzzy Clustering approach using multi kernel approach)
  • Santosh Kumar (SVM Based Data Classification using Multi Kernel approach)

M. Tech Students (2010)

  • Sadhna Tiwari (Classification of Datasets using SVM)